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Frith Images

The Francis Frith Collection currently  includes five photographs taken on Stanwell Moor in the 1950's. Around sixty years later I tried to stand in the same place as the original photographer to recreate those images. Access and traffic limited my set to just three, but they still give some idea of the change that has taken place. I've included the other two originals at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on any of the latest images will open them in a full screen, and clicking on any of the Frith images will take you to their website. 

Spout Lane c.1955

The Anchor c.1955

The Post Office c.1955

This is the original Post Office on the Moor, now a private house. The only hint to it's past is the Post Office box in the brick pillar opposite. Prior to becoming the corner shop & Post Office, it was The Three Horseshoes pub.

Southern Cottages c.1955

The Old Mill c.1955

This is the Upper Mill on Horton Road.

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